The Rogaland Story av Geir Egil Bergjord
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1. A Short Break
Most of Norway is rural. Small communities are connected by roads, and quite often you have to cross a mountain to get from one place to another. Main transport is by car. This photo is taken in September ´96 crossing a mountain on the way to my Grandmother`s house.
My family is gathered outside my Grandmother`s house after my Grandfather`s funeral, summer of ´96.
3. Neighbour
This photo is shot from my Grandmother`s entrance late summer ´95. My Grandmother`s brother used to live in the house across the field. The white balls contains silage.
4. Christmas Day 1992
The Christmas dinner is consumed. My parents are in the kitchen doing the dishes. My elder sister and her family are relaxing in the sitting-room. I´m behind the camera, and the TV is on.

This series was originally put together for the show "Ethnography and Culture" in Riga, Latvia in 1997. "Neighbour" has also been shown as part of "Grandmother’s" (Hjå Farmor), then called "Entrance" (Byslag). "Departure" was shown as "Untitled" (Utan tittel) at "Vårutstillingen ‘99" in Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway.