NOXAGT – Mek It Burn
(Brandsdal/Kyvik/Erga) live-demo fra det nært forestående albumet

NOXAGT began in 1998 as an experimental electronic rock project, mixing grindcore and punk with musique concrète. In 2001 NOXAGT gradually evolved into an instrumental rock group consisting of Kjetil D Brandsdal, Nils Erga and Jan Christian L. Kyvik. NOXAGT's music now emphasizes a heavy and powerful rhythm section, with a massive downtuned bass guitar and crushing, often shifting drums. The distorted, droning viola adds to the rhythmic and harmonic disorientation. All three instruments are given equal importance, the overall aim being an intense yet groovy wall of sound.

Their musical intensions have been fulfilled on their most recent recording, a 9 track album produced by Billy Anderson (Melvins, Fantomas, Sleep, Swans, Red House Painters, Brutal Truth etc.). It was recorded in May 2002 at the all-analogue Athletic Sound Studio in Halden, Norway. The album is as intense and focused as intended, the bite and heavy low-end of the production taking the NOXAGT sound even further. They plan to continue working with producer Billy Anderson in the future as his approach complemented perfectly the bands ideas for the album.

As a trio, NOXAGT has previously released a split 7"EP with the Norwegian cult metal band HELLFIRE, as well as a live 7"EP. The track "Powerchild" from the split 7" was featured on The Wire Tapper 8 compilation CD. The band will also be appearing on a 5-way split CD (released later this summer on Glasvocht), with artists like Loren Mazzacane Connors and White Winged Moth. Various NOXAGT releases have been given heavy airplay on US independent radio stations such as WFMU in New Jersey, KFJC in Los Altos Hills, CA and WREK in Atlanta, GA.

In December of last year NOXAGT arranged a tour of California, playing shows in San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. They also performed live on KFJC Radio in Los Altos Hills, a recording of which is now available on Norway Rat Records ( NOXAGT has also during the past year performed extensively throughout Norway and we are currently arranging a European tour for this autumn. In July 2002 the band will be appearing at the Quart Festival (the largest annual musical event in Norway), alongside bands and artists like Turbonegro, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, David Bowie, The White Stripes etc. For more information about the Quart Festival, see

All three NOXAGT members have extensive musical experience: Kjetil D Brandsdal released 5 solo LPs and a number of singles between 1995 and 1999. His work has appeared on labels such as Ecstatic Peace!, Swill Radio, Corpus Hermeticum, Voices of Wonder, Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers and Smalltown Supersound. He has long been an integral figure in the Norwegian improvisation/avant garde underground. For more information on Kjetil D Brandsdal, see Issue 220 of The Wire. Jan Christian L. Kyvik has played drums and guitar in a number of seminal Norwegian bands, such as The Chairs, Drid, Hellfire and Draalt. Nils Erga, a classically trained violinist, turned to experimental rock after continued exposure to Celtic Frost and Whitehouse.

Kjetil D Brandsdal: bass
Nils Erga: viola
Jan Christian L Kyvik: drums

Noxagt (Synesthetic Recordings, 2001) CD
Noxagt (Nor Wave, 2000) 7”EP
Noxagt (Nor Wave, 2000) 7”EP
Noxagt: Pantyland (Nor Wave,2001) CD-kort
Noxagt/Hellfire (Nor Wave) 7”EP

“What is up?” på Sandnes/Stavanger (Nor Wave, 2002) 7”EP

“Tears is the Makeup (Noxagt remix)” på The Chairs: Tears in the Makeup (Kippers) 7”/CD-EP

Noxagt live på Hundvåg 22. juni 2002. Fra venstre mot høyre; Kjetil Brandsdal – bass, Jan Christian L Kyvik – trommer og Nils Erga – bratsj. (foto: G. E. Bergjord)

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